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When I own One Direction I’ll make them wear ice inside their socks because that is how they make me feel (◠‿◠✿)

My dash has gotten very slow.

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(◠△◠✿) thank you very much (◕‿◕✿)

Somebody should make a ‘The Most Popular Girls In School with One Direction dolls.

According to Blind Gossip…

Haylor broke the bearding contract beforehand so it’s very likely that they will have to get back together.


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But has everyone forgotten about this?

The ‘are we friends of are we more?’ line that Harry sings in Change My Mind sounds like he’s provoking us.


I came to the conclusion that there is no enough Larry in my dash and that I need all the Larry I can get.

Give a sister a hand and give me 100% Larry blogs pretty please? :D I’ll follow you all. Really. I actually will.

Tomlinfamily I see u

Everybody should read this


 This is exactly what we stand for, isn’t it?